What does Whiteboard do?

Supercharge your lessons with Magic Box

Magic Box can easily add existing teaching materials, digital media, interactive elements, and even pop quizzes either in a lesson plan or real-time in the class.

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Increase engagement with gamification

People learn through play. Teachers can easily gamify their lessons with built-in gaming features like 3D dice. Or lessons can include a pre-made activity from ViewSonic Originals either chosen ahead of time or added ad hoc.

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Improve lesson outcomes with more inclusive lessons

Each student has unique needs. Whiteboard can engage auditory, visual, and tactile learners through the seamless delivery of a wide variety of media and hands-on interactivity.

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Make reading more accessible for all

To make this a reality, Whiteboard has partnered with Microsoft to improve comprehension for any reader with the Immersive Reader. Activating multiple senses while learning is known to help with memory retention.

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Get more learners involved with multiple Smallboards

Students need their own space to learn and play even on shared interactive devices. Exclusively on ViewBoards, Whiteboard can split into up to six Smallboard workspaces for students to independently create and share together.

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Use the same Whiteboard to prepare and present on any device

Whiteboard for Windows

Teaching tools should support good planning. Ideal for preparing lessons, Whiteboard for Windows unlocks the full power of a versatile digital whiteboarding tool. Teachers can quickly and easily add content, set up complete lessons, and then save the plan.

Full Windows and Microsoft support

Built to integrate with Windows and familiar tools like Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.

Advanced functionality

Full access to all Whiteboard functions within Magic Box to prepare lessons as they will be delivered.

3rd-party integrations built-in

Use popular tools like Zoom, Skype for Business, as well as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Nextcloud.

Whiteboard for Android

It’s important that presentation tools are both comprehensive and simple. Whiteboard for Android manages to provide teachers with a multi-media presentation and participation tool designed both for delivering planned material and adding more on the fly.

Lite version for universal use

With few demands on the device itself, users can present on devices of all sizes.

Versatile Magic Box tools

Teachers can get access to a wide array of digital tools for ad hoc teaching and learning.

Advanced file management

Files are easy to save and share on popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.

Whiteboard for iOS

Teaching tools need to work anywhere, so Whiteboard also works on any iOS device and MacBook running the M1 chip. Teachers get everything they need to prepare, present, and encourage participation on their preferred devices.

Customized for iOS-capable devices

Users can run the same digital whiteboard on any device running off an M1 chip.

Powerful toolset for teachers

Teachers get easy access to all the tools they need to engage their students.

Integrates with file management tools

It’s easy to store teaching materials on a variety of cloud drives (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) for easy access anywhere.

Whiteboard Online

Lesson planning takes at least as long as teaching that lesson. With the right tools, however, teachers can create the kind of teaching materials of their dreams. Now educators can create multimedia lessons from anywhere and share them with anyone.

Whiteboard uses Open Learning Format

Save digital whiteboarding sessions as the next-generation Open Learning Format (.olf) file to take full advantage of multimedia lessons.

Better together

Get more out of lessons with tools designed to integrate with Whiteboard

Built-in Interactive Teaching Materials


More teaching resources are always welcome. Teachers already have enough to do without needing to create their own interactive media. It helps to have pre-made content to use as building blocks for an effective lesson.

Originals is an ever-growing library of interactive media, lesson plans, and teachable content ready and waiting for you.

A Visual Learning Assistant in Your Pocket


Learning is just better when it’s easier. Challenges to both teachers and students can take many forms: engaging with lessons, participating in activities, and even signing into the tools.

Everyone can use a little help from Companion to make teaching and learning simpler.

Integrated Lesson Streaming


Educators now have unprecedented reach. However, the biggest impact requires the biggest audience. It’s now essential to meet online learners where they already are, so now teachers can stream even from Android devices.

Make the most of popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook for a greater impact on students where they are.

Creating Learning Content


Sometimes magic happens during a lesson. It could be a unique insight from the teacher, a student’s aha moment, or a truly hilarious response from an unexpected source.

Teachers need a tool that saves their lessons for reflection and reviews exactly as they happened.

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