Whiteboard for Windows

Work on your Whiteboard from your office, home, or on the go. Compatible with Windows 10 and above.

For Windows
Chrome Extension
Download for Chrome
Support screen sharing between Whiteboard canvas and Google Chrome browser.

Whiteboard for Android

Use Whiteboard on your Android-powered ViewBoard.

Whiteboard for Android Whiteboard from Google Play


Use independently or together with Whiteboard for Android to record and store your sessions for future use.


Stream your Whiteboard sessions directly to popular sites and interact with your views online, in real-time.


Better understand your audience and environment with assistance from AI data-driven optimization.


Your truly wireless presentation tool

What does it do?

  • Screen sharing without dongles via browser
  • No sign-in required
  • Secured data encryption and authentication on network communications

To learn more on how to use Display, click here.


Personal-sized interaction with Whiteboard

What does it do?

  • Instant sign in and session join by QR code
  • Host remote control of Whiteboard session
  • Audience collaboration tools
Download from Google Play for Android Devices Download from App Store for iOS devices