What does an Entity account do for your school?

Get an EdTech solution that scales from a single classroom to many.

Teachers get advanced education tools

School administrators get insights and integrations

IT teams get simplified rollout and onboarding

An Entity account unlocks exclusive functions that are only available to schools and other learning institutions. Each organization has unique requirements for maximizing learning outcomes, so they need a flexible option that scales to needs of any size.

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What advanced features do Entities get?

Get all the standard apps plus exclusive tools only available to Entity accounts

Whiteboard Advanced

A whiteboard can be the centerpiece of learning space, so Whiteboard Advanced makes sure educators get the most out of classroom displays.

The advanced version includes the AI toolkits, immersive features, and gamification elements included in Whiteboard. And then it takes accessible learning to another level with live captions on all lessons.

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Classroom Advanced

Having an effective teaching tool is great. And it’s better to have an advanced tool that works with a larger ecosystem of solutions.

In addition to being an effective web-based tool to manage and facilitate peer learning, Classroom Advanced also includes integrations with Google Classroom and other 3rd-party tools.

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Schools have unique technical requirements potentially compounded by legacy systems and increase data security concerns. IT teams in education need simple robust solutions.

So Manager provides a web-based system to monitor, update, and control devices across the network from a single location. Remote user and permission control also means easy troubleshooting (and fewer missed vacations).

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Measurable success has always been a challenge in education. Learning outcomes are made up of a complex mixture of quantitative and qualitative data.

Sens offers genuine insights on everything from student engagement to environmental factors. Complex data is securely collected and shared to benefit students, teachers, and schools.

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