What does Manager do?

Centralized control

Manager lets system administrators change hardware settings, manage software or send out push notifications to displays on their network from just one intuitive interface.

Remote access

There’s no way for a technician to be everywhere at once and technical problems don’t care about vacation time. As a web-based dashboard, however, Manager gives fully functional remote access from any browser anytime.

Device metrics and insights

It’s important to know how every device on the network is performing, but it’s impossible to maintain each in person all the time. So get a single source of information to measure and optimize everything from tool usage and system uptime to software versions and power savings.

Better security and data protection

Networks require a proactive approach toward data security. Alongside being GDPR compliant, Manager’s development team continuously innovates and update our software to keep your school’s data safe. As a single-vendor solution, Manager streamlines support and maintenance in the event of the unexpected.

A new era of classroom device management

Manager Advanced is the premium version of our web-based device management tool myViewBoard Manager. It includes all standard features that help you set up, manage, and maintain devices, plus the following enhancements:

Automate tasks

Save time and trips to the classroom by scheduling automatically recurring tasks: power devices off, reboot them, update firmware, and more.

Transfer files

Say goodbye to transferring files to devices one-by-one. Remotely send presentations, lessons, and various file types to all your devices with the click of a button.

Create backups

Back up device configurations so you can have peace of mind to restore to previously saved device settings.

Send broadcasts

Broadcast multimedia to devices to keep teachers and students informed across campus on the day's essential information.

Share and manage licenses freely on your network

All Manager licenses are associated with the school’s account and not individual devices. Easily switch licenses between displays for upgrades or maintenance at no extra cost.

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Need more out of your display management system?


Manager Advanced

    ViewSonic device enrollment: ViewBoard, CDE & ViewBoard Box
    Device information
    Device grouping
    Firmware updating control
    Schedule tasks
    Cloud storage
    Backup & restore point
    1 point
    10 points
    Message broadcast
    Application management
    Remote commands
    Broadcast playlists
    Multimedia broadcast
    Remote desktop
    Permission management
    Device usage report
    US$12 license/year
    Complimentary for Entity
    US$39.00 license/year

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