What does Sens do?

Classroom engagement

Teaching observations are intrusive, but their insights are valuable. As a technological guide on the side, Sens uses an array of sensors to process data about the environment and students emotional states to optimize engagement, avoid frustration, and improve the overall learning experience.

Optimize classrooms for learning outcomes

Objective feedback on the best possible learning environment is almost impossible to get. How warm is too hot? How bright is the room? And do those factors actually affect learning outcomes? Sens collects a wide spectrum of environmental data to compare against student engagement.

Ensure health protocol compliance

Classrooms are ground zero for sniffles around the world. Sens uses a science-backed algorithm to create an optimal environment to maintain student and teacher health.

Your partner in better school performance

Sens acts as the guide for teachers and the administration. With its insights and reports, users can make informed decisions on the learning environment, class materials, and more, to make sure each lesson results in positive learning outcomes.

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Purpose-built for protecting student privacy

No facial recognition

Data point movement is recorded not the pattern

No recording of images

No visual data is exported - only zeros and ones leave the device

No personal data stored

End-user privacy rights respected end-to-end

Distance detection for evaluating airborne transmission risks and maximizing the safe use of space in the classroom.

Monitor environment with ease, including classroom lightening, temperature, and humidity.

Detect student participation such as hand-raising, physical posture, and concentration levels.

What data does Sens collect?

Improve engagement with insights that support student learning

Sens is designed to benefit the student and the teacher. By providing real-time data insights, teachers can develop strategies based on advanced insights of student response.

Quickly identify what materials and lessons worked best for your class and maintain a positive learning environment with ease so that students leave with measurable, and successful learning outcomes.

Ambient Light
Color Temperature

Keep students healthy with positive learning environments

Create the best physical learning environment for your student by keeping them safe. Sens is a great tool for monitoring physical elements of your classroom that could negatively impact student learning such as high temperatures, overcrowdedness, and airborne illnesses.

Occupancy Rate
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Better together

Get more out of lessons with tools designed to integrate with Sens

A Natural Teaching Experience


A whiteboard is infinitely more than slides. It’s the centerpiece of your classrooms where you learn, play, get it wrong, and do it all again until you get it right. Get a real-time tool that allows non-linear, ad-hoc engagement.

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A Classroom without Boundaries


A classroom is where learning happens. The natural extension of the learning experience is to bring teachers and learners together no matter where they are.

Wherever learning happens can be the classroom. Here’s the tool that makes that happen.

A Visual Learning Assistant in Your Pocket


Learning is just better when it’s easier. Challenges to both teachers and students can take many forms: engaging with lessons, participating in activities, and even signing into the tools.

Everyone can use a little help from Companion to make teaching and learning simpler.

Central Device Control


Each display in a school is part of a larger ecosystem. However, maintenance and management of each piece of tech individually is a huge time sink for everyone involved.

Save the hassle. All IT teams to access, update, and control displays anywhere on the network from a single dashboard.

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