Get your ideas flowing onto your digital whiteboard


Bring your ideas to life on a whiteboard by combining writing, drawing, and different medias - all on one canvas.


Deliver your message from your whiteboard and dynamically build on your ideas.


Get feedback and build rapport with multi-user participation on both the interactive whiteboard and the audience's own devices.

Made for Window users

  • Login with your Microsoft ID
  • Optimized for Windows PCs and interactive whiteboards
  • Compatible with your favorite Microsoft products
  • Embedded Microsoft Immersive Reader

Powerful digital whiteboarding

Providing you the best digital whiteboarding experience with our suite of tools, features, and functions.

Cloud integrated and Secure

Integrated directly to your cloud service for the best mobility. Built on AWS for enterprise grade security.

Created for collaboration

Built for educators and professionals to visually express their ideas and get the audience wanting to participate.

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